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Do you have your Pencil and Paper and either a physical or computer based calculator ready? Below are 5 questions from a 2014 GED Sample Test. See if you can you answer them in 10 minutes or less. Write your answers and calculations on a separate piece of paper along with your start time and ending time in order to score your test when you are done. You can only miss one and still pass. Scoring: 4 or 5 Correct: You Pass! 3 or fewer correct: You fail!

Start Time:

Question 1: You roll two dice 36 times. What is the most likely number of times that you will roll a 4?

Options: A) 2   B) 3    C) 4    D) 6

Question 2: A payroll clerk is calculating employee pay for the last week based on the information shown in the table. What is the total amount of pay the employees received for last week?

Number of Employees

Number of Hours Worked

Hourly Pay














A) $8,970

B) $10,780

C) $22,180

D) $35,880

Question 3:
A company makes glass containers for use in laboratories. The Table shows the different types and the number of sizes the company makes.

Type of Container

Number of Sizes Made



Erlenmeyer flasks


Separatory funnels


Volumetric flasks


The type and size of each container determines how much liquid it will hold. The dimensions of two of the Erlenmeyer Flasks are shown below.

t2 01

Type your answer in the box. You may use numbers, a decimal point (.) and/or a negative sign (-) in your answer.

The equation shown finds the cost of manufacturing one size of separatory funnel.

t2 02

In the equation, C is the cost, in dollars, per funnel and n is the number of funnels manufactured. What is the cost, in dollars, per funnel when making 200 separatory funnels?

Write your answer here:

Question 4:
A lab technician pours liquid into the larger Erlenmeyer flask shown in the diagram above until the height of the liquid is 80 millimeters. The volume of a full Erlenmeyer flask can be estimated using the volume of a cone with the same radius and height as the flask. To the nearest hundred cubic millimeters, what is the volume of the liquid in the partially filled flask?

The volume of a cone =

t2 03

Where R is the radius of the base and H is the height of the cone.

Options: A) 4,500     B)44,800    C) 96,800     D)137,200

Question 5:

t2 04
Options: A    B    C    D

When 10 minutes is up, note the number of problems you were able to complete.

Also note your actual finish time for completing all five questions:

Then click HERE to score your test. 
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