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Question 1: Chance of no rain each day is 0.7*0.7*0.7*o.7*0.7 =0.168 = 17%.

Question 2: The surface area of a cylinder is 2 pie R H + 2 Pie R Squared.
2 times 3.14 times 14 times 66 (plus) 2 times 3.14 times 14 Squared = 5803 + 1231 = 7036 = B

Question 3: The volume of a cone is V=1/3 pie R Squared times H. Since Pie cancels the one third, we are really looking at about 2 times 4. The answer is 7.9.

Question 4: Look at the table for tree 1. Notice that the tree grows .6 inches every other year. This is 0.3 inches per year. But we also need to add the starting diameter. The answer is y = (0.3) x + 18.0.

Question 5:


How did you do? Did you finish all 5 problems in 10 minutes? Don't feel bad. We didn't either! Welcome to the world of billionaires victimizing high school dropouts in order to maximize Wall Street profits! This is why we need to give students the option of taking the Iowa HiSET high school equivalency test instead of the unfair Pearson GED test!

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