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Do you have Pencil and Paper and either a physical or computer based calculator ready? Below are 5 questions from a 2014 GED Sample Test. See if you can you answer them in 10 minutes or less. Write your answers and calculations on a separate piece of paper along with your start time and ending time in order to score your test when you are done. You can only miss one and still pass. Scoring: 4 or 5 Correct: You Pass! 3 or fewer correct: You fail!

Start Time:

Question #1... A snack stand is open each day that there is a ball game. There is a 70% probability that a ball game will take place on any given day. To the nearest whole percent, what is the probability the snack stand will be open Monday through Friday this week? Enter the exact answer to the nearest whole percent (no options given).

Question #2... A covered water tank is in the shape of a cylinder. The tank has a 28-inch diameter and a height of 66 inches. The area of a cylinder is

t1 01

To the nearest square inch, what is the surface area of the water tank?
Options: A) 1,848, B) 7,037, C) 16,537, D) 40,640

Question #3... An office uses paper drinking cups in the shape of a cone with the dimensions as shown. The volume of a cone =

t1 02

Where R is the radius of the base

and H is the height of the cone.

To the nearest tenth of a cubic inch,

what is the volume of each drinking cup?

Options: a) 2.5 b) 7.9 c) 23.7 d) 31.7

t1 03

Question #4...
A scientist is studying red maple tree growth. She measures the trunk diameters of a sample of trees in the same month every other year. The tables show the data for two of the trees. This is the final year in which she will collect data. When her data collection is complete, she will predict future red maple tree growth. The scientist creates an equation that models her data for each tree so that she can predict the diameter in the future. Complete a linear equation that fits the data for tree 1, where x is the year and y is the trunk diameter in inches.

t1 04

Question #5...
Using the table above, in year 13, the scientist will put a tree wrap around tree 1 to protect it from the winter snow. The height of the tree wrap needs to be 45 inches. The wrap is priced by the square foot. To the nearest square foot, how many square feet of wrap does she need?

Options: a) 22 b) 44 c) 121 d) 261

t1 05

When 10 minutes is up, note the number of problems you were able to complete.

Also note your actual finish time for completing all five questions:

Then click HERE to score your test.
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