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The following 5 questions are from the free 25 Question HiSET Mathematics Practice Test developed by the University of Iowa. HiSET Quick Test #1 includes the first five questions on the test. HiSET Quick Test #2 includes the next five questions on the test. Because the easy and hard questions have been randomly placed in the HiSET Practice test, these ten questions represent a valid random sample of all 25 test questions.

Unlike the 2014 GED test which is biased towards extremely complex and time consuming problems dealing with the surface area of inverted cones, the subjects on the HiSET test deal with more relevant every day topics that do not involve as much in the way of time consuming calculations. Also unlike the 2014 GED Practice test, the HiSET test includes answers at the end of the test to help students see which problems they got right and which ones they missed.

Another benefit of the HiSET test is that there are five options for each answer instead of the four options on the 2014 GED. This reduces the possibility of lucky guesses having an influence on the result.

You will need a paper and pen and a calculator. When you are ready, set a timer giving yourself 10 minutes to answer these 5 questions. Then report your results on our Quick Test Feedback form.


Question #1... The next five questions are based on the information below. A city is going to build a new swimming pool at the recreation center. The illustration below shows the plans for the new pool.


Assuming that the pool is 10 feet deep, approximately how many cubic meters of water will this pool hold when filled? (3.3 feet = 1 meter).

Options: A) 1,000 B) 3,000 C) 10,000 D) 30,000 E) 100,000

Question #2... If one box of tiles covers 10 square meters, which of the following represents the number of boxes required to cover the designated area around the pool with tile?

A) (70 x 30) / 10

B) 70 x 30 x 10

C) (50 x 20) / 10

D) [(70 x 30) – (50 x 20)]/10

E) [(70 x 30) – (50 x 20) x 10

Question #3... The Recreation Department wants to put in swim lanes along the length of the pool. If each swim lane must be 8 feet wide, which of the following represents the best estimate for the number of swim lanes there can be in the pool (3.3 feet = 1 meter)?

A) 20/8

B) (20 x 3.3) / 8

C) 20 / (3.3 x 8)

D) 50 / (8 x 3.3)

E) (50 x 3.3) / 8

Question #4... To maintain purity, each week 1 ½ kilograms of a certain chemical should be added for each million liters of water. If the pool contains 2.5 million liters of water, how many kilograms of the chemical should be added each week?

Options: A) 1.5 B) 2.25 C) 2.5 D) 3.0 E) 3.75

Question #5... It is estimated that the construction of the pool area will cost $75,000. A large corporation donated $35,000 towards construction of the pool, and an additional $2,000 was earned during a local fund raising activity. If 20 local businesses agree to donate the rest of the money, which of the following represents the average amount each business will have to contribute?

A) $75,000 - $37,000

B) ($75,000 - $2,000) / 20

C) 20 / ($75,000 - $37,000)

D) $75,000 / 20

E) ($75,000 - $37,000) / 20

Were you able to finish all five questions in under 10 minutes? Note your finish time. Then click HERE to score your test and see how you did. 
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